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Real-time Situational Awareness

Reliability Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Built on the
TM Platform

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Built on the GRID-3PTM Platform, Phasor Real-Time Dynamics Monitoring System (RTDMS) provides:

  1. Real-time Situational Awareness over
    wide-area or the entire interconnection

  2. Reliability Monitoring of key metrics to assure reliable, efficient, and secure grid operations

  3. Compliance Monitoring relative to key metrics, thresholds and standards

  4. Performance Assessment of key metrics
    and data quality

Information made available through Phasor-RTDMS

Wide Area View
Provides a birds'-eye wide-area view of key monitored metrics across the grid within geographic and dashboard type summary displays.
  Monitored Key Metrics
System Frequencies, Voltages, Phase Angles, Angle Differences between major sources and sinks, MW and MVAR flows across key flowgates

Violation of Thresholds
Real-time visual (color coded) and textual alarming upon violation of pre-defined thresholds and rate-of-change.


Ability to generate reports on the long-term trends of key metrics, PMU or PDC performance, and historical records of events and alarms.

Analytics and Forensics
Ability to analyze captured event files for post-disturbance assessment.

Identification of System Anomalies
Color coded visuals, histograms and statistical limits (“soft” limits) to detect system anomalies.

From X-Ray to MRI:

  • High resolution, phasor data is sampled 30 to 60 times per second

  • The wide area data is synchronized by GPS time stamping

  • This data is processed real-time using advanced algorithms and modeling

  • The information is presented to Operators and Reliability Coordinators visually

  • The advanced visualization is designed for performance monitoring, rapid response
    and analysis

  • The system also has threshold and event based alarm triggering, that automatically
    record violation events

  • This high resolution, MRI quality information is archived for reporting, analytics
    and advanced forensics.

Phasor-RTDMSTM has been developed by Electric Power Group, a member of CERTS,  with sponsorship
of Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OEDER) and California Energy Commission Transmission Research Program.

Phasor-RTDMS has been developed for use in the Western Interconnection by CAISO dispatchers and
 reliability coordinators and participating utilities. 

Phasor-RTDMS is also in use by the Eastern Interconnection Phasor Project participants.




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