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Phasor Applications for Monitoring and Control
Presentation to CAISO-CERTS
Eto,J.; Dyer,J.; Parashar, M.
Feb 17, 2006

Real Time Performance Management Tools for Wide Area Operations in Competitive Markets
Paper presented at Control Center Issues session, IEEE General Meeting
Dyer, J.; Eto, J; Martinez, C.
Jul 16, 2003

CAISO RTDMS Training Session

Electric Transmission & Distribution - Future R&D Needs
Presentation to Center for Advanced Power System, Florida State University
Budhraja, V.
Feb 01, 2006

EIPP Real-Time Dynamics Monitoring System
Bilke, T; Dyer, J; Parashar, M

EIPP RTDMS Training Session

CAISO-RTDMS Training Session (PPT)
Dyer, J.; Parashar, M.
Jan 31, 2006

Phasor Data Requirements for Real-Time Wide Area Control and Monitoring Applications
White Paper for EIPP Real Time Task Team
Coroas, J; Dyer, J; Martinez, C; Parashar, M
Jan, 26, 2005

Phasor Technology FAQs

Advanced Monitoring for Grid Reliability, Market Efficiency and Grid Security
CERTS Briefing for DOE
Budhraja, V.; Eto, J.; Martinez, C.
Apr 26, 2005

Multi-view, Geo-Graphic Visualization for Wide Area Real Time Performance Monitoring
Paper presented at Visualization technologies session, IEEE Control Center Workshop, Atlanta, GA.
Martinez, C.; Jianzhong, M,; Whitehurst, H.
Oct. 29, 2003


Phasor Technology Research Roadmap to Improve Grid Reliability and Market Efficiency
Presentation to TAC & PAC
Apr 22, 2005



Western Interconnection Phasor Monitoring Network and Visualization
presentation to WECC Performance Workgroup
Hawkins, D.
Feb 03, 2005


CAISO RTDMS Installation Guide


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