Phasor-RTDMS is built on the GRID-3P platform.

Phasor-RTDMSTM Platform: GRID-3P

Electric Power Group (EPG) has developed the Grid Real-Time Performance Monitoring and Prediction Platform (Grid-3P).  The Grid-3P platform provides state of the art performance monitoring technology for managing today’s electric grid as it transitions to tomorrow’s smart, automatic, switchable network.  The Grid-3P integrates with existing infrastructure; enables real-time monitoring, historical tracking, sensitivity analysis, and notifications/actions; and is designed to facilitate assessments, training, application for grid metrics related to reliability, security and markets; and could be extended to monitor other energy infrastructure.  The Grid-3P incorporates visualization technologies that enable electric power grid system managers and operators to:




Measure key system operating and market parameter (frequency, voltage, congestion, market power)

Monitor and graphically represent system performance – i.e., how far the system is from the “edge"

Track, identify, and save data on abnormal operating patterns

Predict system response in near real time by means of simulations and “what-if” analysis




The Grid-3P platform is designed to enable monitoring of a range of electric grid parameters, including metrics for reliability, markets, generation, transmission, operation, and security.  The visualization technology enables display of information geographically and graphically; in real time; and enables operators to define display levels – local or wide area, control area, interconnection, or other user defined manner.  This technology is being used to develop and implement real-time performance monitoring applications at Reliability Coordinator and Independent System Operator (ISO) locations, including the following applications:   







Area Control Error (ACE)-Frequency Real-Time Monitoring System



Control Area and Supplier’s Performance for Automatic Generation Control and Frequency Response Services System



VAR-Voltage Management and Monitoring System



Monitoring Applications based on Synchronized Phasor Measurements






Examples of electric grid system components and metrics that could be monitored include electric interconnections, generators, transmission loadings, voltage levels, frequency, market prices, congestion, market power metrics, demand forecasts, and other system components and metrics. 

The key innovation in the Grid-3P platform is the concept of multi-panel displays that allow:







Real-Time monitoring of key metrics



Display of history and performance tracking of key metrics



Performance sensitivity evaluations and assessments of key metrics under alternative scenarios and developing predictions or near term forecasts of performance



Initiating actions - email notification for altering operators about abnormal conditions and the need to take action






This integrated technology platform to monitor, track, predict, and act has been developed for initial application in the electric industry.  However, the basic technology is applicable to other industries and disciplines that require real-time tracking of key metrics and parameters – for example, gas pipelines, water systems, transportation industry, chemical and process industries, infrastructure protection, security monitoring, and other arenas.



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