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RTDMS is a phasor based monitoring application that offers real-time wide-area visibility, as well as monitoring and alarming functions on high resolution sub-second phasor data.

The system supports a centralized RTDMS Server performing key data management functions such as data reading, cleansing, computing and archiving.

Multiple RTDMS Client applications simultaneously access the information from the central RTDMS Server and, through various geographic and graphic displays, provide operators and dispatchers both real-time information and alarms.


 Real Time information and Visualizations

Situational Awareness Screen (Summary Dashboard)

  • Provides an integrated information in a common centralized display

  • Provides real time situational information at a glance


Voltage Magnitude and Relative Angles

  • comprehensive profile of voltage angles and magnitudes

  • identify the high and low voltage regions within the grid

  • monitor angles relative to a specific reference


Angle Differences across Identified Transmission Flowgates

  • provides a birds-eye view of the sources and sinks of power

  • monitor phase angle differences across key flowgates

System and Local Frequencies

  • assess system coherency and dynamic stress under normal operating conditions

  • identify approximate point of acceleration or deceleration (loss or load or generation)



Real and Reactive Power Flows Across Monitored Lines

  • monitor actual MW and MVAR flows at key flowgates

  • track flows with respect to predefined thresholds



Key Features

Server and multi-client system architecture


Synchronized sub-second phasor data read in real-time PDCStream format


Data access and visualization capability across Local Area Network


Real-time data cached in memory for fast access


Real-time monitoring of voltage magnitudes, phase angles, frequencies, and MW/MVAR flows within dedicated displays


Visualization configuration utility for user defined customization through friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI)


Data quality filters (user enabled/disabled)


Replay capability of archived data


Real-time alarming and event detection capability


Event archiving and playback


Built on the Grid-3P™ visualization platform that supports multi-panel displays, graphic-geographic and textual visuals, navigational tools including zooming and panning capabilities, and color coded visual alarms





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