Detailed Functionality Table






Ver.4 releasing Apr. 06

Central System Architecture

Server / Multi-Client

Local Network Access or Secure Web Access


User Authentication


Open and Scalable Architecture


Central Server Configuration via Graphic User Interface



Phasor Input Formats

BPA developed PDCStream

IEEE C37.118




Data Management

Data Selection Filters


Data Quality Filters

User Defined Virtual Signals (e.g. Virtual Reference)



Short-Term Circular Cache at Sub-Second Resolution (Memory)

Event Archiving at Sub-Second Resolution (Data Files)


Long-Term Historical Archive at Second Resolution (Disk)



Data Exportation (.csv files)



Data Access

Real-Time Data Access and Replay over LAN or Web

Disturbance File Loading and  Playback for Forensics


Historical Data Access over Web


Visualization & Alarming Component

User Defined Visualization Tiers (e.g. Interconnection, Reliability Coordinator, etc)



Central Configuration for Wide-Area Jurisdictions



End-User Configuration for Local-Area Displays



Centralized Alarm Parameter Settings on Threshold and Rate-of-Change Violations


Real-Time Alarming within Client Visualization Displays


Disturbance File Playback for Offline Analysis


Visualization Configuration Portability

Reporting Functions

Long-Term Trending and Statistics



PMU Performance Monitoring



Alarm History Report



Frequency Monitoring

Real-Time Frequency Monitoring and Trending

Generation-Load Imbalance Monitoring

Frequency Stability Monitoring

Identification Point of Acceleration/Deceleration

Frequency Transient Detection


Frequency  Threshold (Hard and Soft Limits) for Alarming


Frequency Report Generation and Data Export


Oscillation Detection




Voltage Monitoring

Real-Time Voltage Profile Monitoring and Trending within Geo-graphic displays

Voltage Transient Detection



Voltage Threshold & Rate of Change


Voltage Report Generation and Data Export


Sensitivity Computation




Phase Angle Monitoring

Real-Time Relative Angle Profile Monitoring and Trending within Geo-graphic Displays

Real-Time Angle Difference Monitoring and Trending within Geo-graphic displays

Angle Difference Threshold & Rate of Change for Alarming


Angle Report Generation and Data Exportation (.csv)



Oscillation Detection




Sensitivity Computation




MW/MVAR Monitoring

Real-Time MW/MVAR Monitoring Across Flowgates within Geo-graphic displays

MW and MVAR Flow Histograms to Illustrate Flow Patterns

MW and MVAR Threshold for Alarming


Oscillation Detection




Small-Signal Stability Monitoring (Modal Analysis)

Spectral Plots




Identification of Poorly Damped Modes




Damping Pole Plot








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