RTDMS Version 4 Enhancements Include:











“Summary Dashboard Display” to provide integrated information in a common centralized display.

Develop set of standardized tiered displays with drill down capability to:

  • Maintain consistent user displays throughout the CAISO
  • Effectively manage the data and information by geographic regions and avoid clutter
    (i.e., WECC Reliability Coordinator regions and Local systems)
    – Tier 1: Summary Dashboard Display (Default)
    – Tier 2: Western Interconnection Displays (Standardized/Centrally Configured)
    – Tier 3: Reliability Coordinator Displays (Standardized/Centrally Configured)
    – Tier 4: Local Displays (Customized/Locally Configured)


PMU performance monitoring providing real-time and historical status information on:

  • Data transmission errors, dropouts, and synchronization errors
  • Non-reporting PMUs


Online reports with trends showing:

  • Long term trends and statistics on voltage magnitude & angles, and local frequency profiles
  • Daily and hourly reports available





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